Self care when your Nervous System is Upgrading

The classic quote “you can’t pour from an empty cup” has a lot of significance when applying this to a body that is trying to heal.

On a cellular and hormone level we know when we are giving back to ourselves our hormones such as oxytocin rise. Also known as the ‘Love Hormone’. Science has proven that when we give to ourselves in ways such as; spending time with our loved ones, having a massage, giving and receiving affection, expressing our thoughts, visiting the hair salon and so on - this raises our oxytocin levels. Increased levels of oxytocin aids sleep, reduces stress hormones, reduces anxiety and sensation of overwhelm.

It’s so easy to prioritise everything but ourselves. We can justify so easily that we can put first our family, children, work, business, deadlines. We’ve been taught that this makes us altruistic and not selfish if we think of others before ourselves. We do all the things we feel we ‘should’ do before recognising the key elements of self-compassion and self-care.

What constitutes of self-care?

Anything that fills YOU up! This is different for so many people but if its nourishing for you and your body, then it will most likely be self-care. This maybe cooking yourself a delicious healthy meal, running a candlelight bubble bath with a book - just for you. Prioritising time in your diary so that you get to go to your favourite yoga class that makes you feel light and bright after. Keeping up those regular massages you promised yourself you’d go to, even when you ‘felt’ fine. Turning down a night out because you know innately the 8 hours’ sleep you can get tonight will make you feel so much better tomorrow. Carving out time in an evening to finish that book that has been such a page turner. Breathing in nature. And of course getting your nervous system checked regularly!

When your body is going through a healing process this is peeling back the layers and shifting you to a new level. Your nervous system is receiving an upgrade but alongside this, your self care needs to as well. I found that my clients who invest regularly in themselves, prioritise their needs, transition more smoothly through the upgrade.

Questions to ponder…

What fills your cup up?

How can you give to yourself more?

How can you prioritise yourself more?