The Resting Suite and Meditation

Our resting suite is a really unique aspect of Atlas Chiropractic.

Our resting chairs are so relaxing but not just designed to send you off for a siesta. The reason why we have a whole room just designed to rest in is to allow the nervous system to optimally process the change and correction made following the specific adjustment. Instead of rushing back out into the busy world, we encourage to take some time to slow down and rest.

The Upper Cervical Specific adjustment is a big change to the function and neurology of the body. The body needs time to process and efficiently register the correction made to the spine and nervous system. We have found with the nature of the adjustment, resting for 15-20 minutes optimises the ability for the body to hold the adjustment made.

We also utilise and honour the powerful effects of meditation. When resting clients are given an opportunity to listen to a guided meditation that was specifically tailored to clients at Atlas Chiropractic.

Studies have shown that people who regularly meditate have:

  1. Increased immune function

  2. Reduced inflammatory response

  3. Decreased pain, stress and anxiety

  4. Increased happy hormones and your social connection

We know that this part of the practice is essential in the healing process.