Pregnancy and the Nerve System

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful displays of how truly intelligent and incredible our bodies are.  That from just two cells our nerve system and body can create another human being.

Our nerve system consists of our brain, spinal cord and furthering branching nerves that coordinate all functions and power to the body. A well functioning and coordinating nerve system is an essential part of pregnancy and the birthing process.

It’s easy to see the changes that occur throughout the trimesters, such as posture adaptation, gait change and a growing size of a bump. However, what we cannot visually see is the millions of different hormonal and chemical changes occurring in both the mother and the developing baby. All of which are controlled by the nerve system.

During pregnancy, the mothers nerve system has a very busy job. It is sending and receiving trillions of messages to the baby. Coordinating and dictating the function, growth and development. There are between 15-33 billion neurons in your brain which are responsible for sending electrical and chemical signals and messages to your body. The brain will send and receive trillions of message in just one single day.

The primary focus of Chiropractic for pregnant women is to ensure that the nerve system is free of any miscommunications, or what we call ‘interference’ throughout her pregnancy. We access the nerve system through specific analysis of the spine and if necessary make precise, gentle corrections to the spinal vertebrae.

This enables us to be certain that from conception to the birth, her nerve system is working optimally. Sending and receiving clear messages to the baby and her body, Chiropractic care will support her to have the best pregnancy and birth possible.