Baby, It's Cold Outside | Winter Immunity

Baby, It’s Cold Outside...

Our bodies are designed to be strong and robust with many defence systems in place to protect us from foreign bacteria and viruses. There are many barriers put in place that make up our Immune System. Our immune system is a specialised network of cells, tissues (skin) and organs that all work together to protect us from foreign, potentially invading infections.

Although some infections can be caused by contagious bacteria, many can be avoided by a stronger, more robust immune system, therefore avoiding the so-called ‘Winter Cold Season’.

A stronger immune system can be achieved by adopting healthy lifestyle choices.A few examples are the following

Regular exercise
Consuming lots of fruit and vegetables
Getting the recommended 7+ hours sleep a night Reducing stress naturally; meditation and yoga Taking time out for some rest and relaxation Avoiding excess alcohol and processed foods Regular nerve system checks from a Chiropractor

Many are unaware of the link between your nervous system and immune system.

The immune and endocrine systems are integrated through a communication of specialised cells. Scientific research shows that activation of the Autonomic Nervous System may lead to alteration and enhancement in various physiological responses including the immune and inflammatory responses. Activation and enhancement of your Autonomic Nervous System is achieved through every Chiropractic adjustment. Published evidence in the chiropractic literature suggests that spinal manipulation may have a positive effect on our immune system.

To summarise the above it’s recommended you look after yourself the best you can. Give your body what it needs to thrive in order to remain at your best without compromising your immune system. Regular checks by your Chiropractor ensures that not only your nerve system but your immune system is as strong and robust as possible.


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