Chiropractics sole focus that underpins everything we do is the function of the nervous system. Our nervous system is our brainstem, spinal cord and the nerves that branch out to reach every part of our body. 

Your body is like an apple tree. 

An apple tree displays its hard-earned work at the end of its branches. The best part, it’s shiny, juicy apples, are connected to the end of its branches. This is like our nervous system. 

Our heart, lungs, stomach, immune system, reproductive system, muscles and so on, are connected to our nerve branches like the apples to the tree branches.

When our nerve system is not working as well as it could do, parts of our body can be compromised.

Like a tree with rotting apples, we would look to the soil, roots, trunk, to see why those apples are rotten? Our first thought is unlikely to be the apples are the problem. 

As Chiropractors, we look to the root cause of what is controlling everything in your body; your nervous system. Is there a problem in the connection from your nervous system to all the vital parts of your body? We measure how much that connection is compromised. We analyse your spine to see why the connection is compromised. We make a specific correction to the spine when needed to restore normal nervous system communication. Resulting in your nervous system working at 100% and no area in your body compromised.

Healthy nervous system, healthy body.

Healthy tree, healthy apples.