What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic analyses the movement of the spine and it’s connection to the nervous system. 

 Chiropractors make precise corrections to the spine to enhance the performance of the nervous system, which in turn influences our health and wellbeing. 


The top vertebrae in the neck consist of the Atlas and the Axis. The Atlas is the first vertebra in the spine, a ring like shape that cradles the skull. Neatly tucked underneath the Atlas is the Axis, which is the second vertebra in our spine.

These vertebrae play a vital role in protecting the spinal cord and brain stem. They act like moveable suits of amour that allow the nerves to exit from the spinal cord between the spinal vertebrae and travel to all parts of the body. 


The central nervous system (CNS) acts as the master controller of all our bodily functions, which also dictates our health. Communication between all cells and all hormones are influenced and controlled by the CNS. It’s responsible for our body’s ability to heal, regenerate, repair and regulate. Every possible process you can think of in your body is coordinated by your nervous system.


At Atlas Chiropractic we specialise in the specific care of the upper cervical spine. This junction between the brain and the spinal cord is enriched with nerves that travel and communicate throughout the whole body. The upper cervical spine houses over 80% of the nerves that signal messages from the body back into the brain. 


When the uppercervical spine is compromised in any way, optimal functioning of the nervous system is affected, which in turn affects our body’s function. The atlas and the axis act like floodgates for the messages into the brain and the brain to the body. By correcting the movement and positioning of the upper cervical spine, we maximise neurological function, and positively impact our health and wellbeing.